I was teaching a night school class on entry into the Travel Industry.  One evening I was doing detailed lectures and demonstrations on how to do ground arrangements on a European Itinerary.  Then,  in the section on Eurailpasses, I blurted out, ” So my little brother and I rode for ten days on forged passes without getting caught….”   At the end of the evening a student came forward, a film industry location scout. “You need to explain that comment.”  The explanation led to several meetings with a Hollywood producer and a family commitment to publish Wanderjahr,  a chronicle of our experiences in Europe in 1961.   Since we were Beatniks,  some adult decisions and events were not particularly appropriate for young kids.  Doris Oldchurch, my mother contributed significantly to the book with audiotapes and interviews, and enthusiastically promoted the story, so long as I would hold up publication until “after she was dead.”

Here’s to you Dado, one very bold lady.


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  1. So excited to see your blog. I’m a fan! Looking forward to our next visit. I’ll have to get a hard copy of the book just to get your signature! Lots of success!

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