Constance Hood has earned professional credits as an artist and a writer in both theatre and classical music. These interests and her passion for story telling first emerged in her years as a student at Occidental College where she earned her BA in Comparative Literature as well as a minor in music.   For nearly a decade she wrote instructional materials for Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, and performed for the Los Angeles Philharmonic youth programs as a workshop artist. She also contributed to textbooks and instructional materials in the arts and in language acquisition.   Her day job was as a literacy expert, educating students from “Which way do you hold the book?” through Advanced Placement Writing skills. She served in the Los Angeles City Schools as a teacher, Literacy Coach, and Grants Coordinator, picking up graduate degrees in education along the way.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Hood also spent fifteen years in travel industry marketing and sales. Her book Off the Tracks: A Beatnik Family Journey is based on her experiences living in Germany during the Cold War.

Kirkus Review: In this debut, Hood delivers an offbeat, easy-to-read and sometimes-funny novel of the ’60s. It also offers strong historic references throughout (“Hey, did you hear that Khrushchev sent President Kennedy a New Year’s telegram?”). The surprising ending includes a shocking revelation about Louis (a would be step-father) and his pre-Beatnik past. …. An often appealing story about a young girl’s adventurous, yet impoverished, life on the road.

A second book, Islands of Deception is in progress, based on h