Constance Hood has earned professional credits as an artist and a writer in both theatre and classical music. These interests and her passion for storytelling first emerged in her years as a student at Occidental College where she earned her BA in Comparative Literature as well as a minor in music.

Publication Credits

  • Music Center Education Division ArtSource
  • Los Angeles Center Theatre Group Annenberg Grant
  • CAG (California Education of Gifted) Magazine
  • LA Parent Magazine
  • SRA – Mac Millan Textbooks
  • Craftsman Homeowner Magazine

Ms. Hood’s day job was as a literacy expert, educating students from “Which way do you hold the book?” through Advanced Placement Writing skills.  She served in the Los Angeles City Schools as a teacher, Literacy Coach, and Grants Coordinator, picking up graduate degrees in education along the way.

Historical Fiction

After retiring from teaching the Hoods moved to the beach to get more quality time playing with dogs. Instead she opened up five filing cabinets of memoirs, journals, party tapes and documents that had been passed on.  There were tales to be told. Her first book Off the Tracks: A Beatnik Family Journey is based on her experiences living in Germany during the Cold War, transparent impressions recorded by an 11 year old with a diary.

Islands of Deception: Lying with the Enemy is receiving strong critical acclaim. It is based on the  experiences of an immigrant US Army intelligence officer. After leaving his family behind in Holland, he begins life again as a would-be American while his Jewish family and friends face annihilation. He joins the military in an effort to go back and fight for Europe, but instead he is thrown into the Pacific jungles with no weapons except a camera and an excellent nose for information.